Kaniar Group

Kaniar in Persian means the supplier of minerals and our logo is based on three different colors and generally includes the concept of introduction, consulting, marketing and business.

The Kannir Group is based on the knowledge and experience of its members in the field of marketing and international trade. Although the group's activities in the field of copper and related industries have been more prominent, other companies have also chosen to partner with Kaniar Group for marketing, marketing and trade.

The group is trying to provide the various scientific experiences that have gained over the years and try to define and implement new topics in the form of their clients' projects and plans.

We strive to culminate, we do new things and grow, because we are eager to learn and gain a positive attitude.

We have defined our commitment as follows: when we have the ability to do something, we can not say when we can not do it.

We have defined the commitment to others: helping our customers choose the best solution.